A Challenge to Do the Write Thing

The Do the Write Thing Challenge offers 7th and 8th grade students an opportunity to examine the impact of youth violence on their lives and to communicate in writing what they think should be done to prevent this type of violence. The Challenge emphasizes personal responsibility by encouraging students to make a committment to take positive steps to change the problem. Ultimately, the program strives to help students break the cycle of violence in their homes, schools and neighborhoods

2019 Lesson Plans and Instructions

Submission deadline | Friday, December 7, 2018

Students Who Accepted the Challenge

Do the Write Thing is not about winning a prize. It is an essential part of a long-term strategy to help students and adults better understand each other and work together to prevent youth violence.

Sample Curriculum for Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to incorporate the Challenge into their regular classroom curriculum. Ideas for the classroom could include:

  • English: Use as an essay or poetry-writing assignment;
  • Health: Discuss personal safety and well-being of others;
  • Civics: Conduct an exercise on personal and civic responsibility;
  • History: Use a historical perspective to examine youth violence.

How the Challenge Works

The Challenge kicks off in October, National Crime Prevention Month. All seventh and eighth grade students are invited to participate.

  • Classroom Discussion: Begin in October . Teachers are encouraged to make the Challenge a part of regular classroom instruction.
  • Writing Assignment And Entry Submission: Entry deadline is Friday, December 7, 2018 . Students complete an essay or poem and teachers to submit all writings from each class period for the competition.
  • Judging And Selection Of Winners: Members of UBJJ and college students from throughout Utah will conduct initial reviews. A panel of VIP judges will select National and State Finalists.
  • State Awards Luncheon: April. Contest finalists, their teachers and parents will be invited to attend an awards luncheon where national finalists will be announced.
  • National Recognition Week: July, in Washington D.C. The winning students, their teacher and parent will be sent to participate with winners from across the country in the National Recognition Week.


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