Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI)

SAKIAn inventory of Salt Lake County law enforcement’s evidence rooms identified 1,751 unsubmitted sexual assault kits in 2016. It is estimated there are approximately 2,700 unsubmitted sexual assault kits in Utah. Utah is not alone. It is estimated there are hundreds of thousands of unsubmitted sexual assault kits across the United States.

With advances in DNA technology, increases in state and federal funding for rape and sexual assault, new research surfacing about the neurobiology of trauma, and growing media attention surrounding rape and sexual assault, many of the once considered “unsubmitted” sexual assault kits are now making their way to forensic laboratories across the nation.

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In 2014 the Utah State Legislature prioritized rape kit testing by appropriating $750,000 to test unsubmitted sexual assault kits in Utah. Additionally, the Utah Crime Lab received funding from the District Attorney’s Office of New York (DANY) grant to test the remaining unsubmitted sexual assault kits in Utah.

While kits were being tested and results returned, law enforcement agencies nationwide began to stretch limited investigative resources to re-open cold case rape investigations and navigate limited best practice recommendations to best serve victims. To improve investigative and prosecutorial efforts, the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice joined the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI), receiving $1,999,680 for Salt Lake County.

SAKI is a federal initiative, which provides financial support to communities committed to testing their unsubmitted sexual assault kits, enhancing systematic collaboration to improve victim-centered investigation and prosecution efforts to hold offenders accountable, and creating long-term systematic improvements to prevent the future accumulation of sexual assault kits.

CCJJ is committed to SAKI's mission and will strive to improve Salt Lake County's response to rape and sexual assault victims.

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SAKI Site Coordinator

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Crime Lab Director
Department of Public Safety

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SAKI Victim Advocate
Department of Public Safety

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