Created in 1983, the Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) is the coordinating body for criminal and juvenile justice policy in Utah. CCJJ is in the unique position of delivering an objective and wide-ranging research and grant agenda, ensuring that current and sought after justice policies rest on sound data and analysis with the goal of reducing crime in Utah. We are staffed by various experts in their field who assist the Commission in fulfilling its duties.

CCJJ Commission Members

Tom Ross, CCJJ Executive Director

Our Vision

We envision a justice system that is unified across branches and level of government which:

  • Serves the community and instills public confidence and support
  • Ensures the safety and security of all citizens, provides assistance for victims, and affords a just process for those who violate the law
  • Is founded on principles of respect for diversity, timely and equal access to services, and a comprehensive approach to criminal and juvenile justice that includes prevention and treatment.

Commission Members

CCJJ is made up of 26 members set in statute 63M-7-202 and has a three prong mission:

  • Promote broad philosophical agreement concerning the objectives of the criminal justice system in Utah
  • Provide a mechanism for coordinating the functions of various branches and levels of government concerned with criminal and juvenile justice
  • Coordinate statewide efforts to reduce crime and victimization in Utah
Commission Member Detail

CCJJ Staff

CCJJ is composed of staff who are from various educational backgrounds with a wide range of experiences to support commissioners and board members in forming and implementing justice policies that rest on best practices.
Meet Our Staff