The art of storytelling is often overlooked in data analysis and interpretation. Conversely, we know that even the best research may not be used to its full potential if not presented in an accessible way. As such, CCJJ is committed to the use of data analysis software, methods, and approaches that help us bring data into context and into life. Through data-storytelling, we can have a wider and more thoughtful impact on criminal and juvenile justice work throughout Utah. 


System Disparities

Racial and ethnic disparities remain a systemic issue in our nation and Utah’s juvenile justice system and tend to grow in magnitude the further youths move through the system. In this presentation we highlight the current racial and ethnic disparities that persist at several important points of contact in Utah's juvenile justice system for Fiscal Year 2020 and 2019.

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"Action-oriented solutions in ending over-representation by racial and ethnic groups requires a multifaceted approach, including continuing education, awareness and collaboration with stakeholders and the community, across the board."

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