Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council (USAAV)

The Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council (USAAV) was created by the 1990 Utah Legislature for the purpose of coordinating the state’s efforts related to substance abuse. The Council is located in the Governor’s Office and staffed by the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ). The mission of the Council is to provide a unified voice for establishing a comprehensive strategy to combat substance abuse and illegal drug activity.

The Council’s statutory duties are to: (more)

  • Provide leadership and generate unity for Utah’s ongoing efforts to combat substance abuse;
  • Recommend and coordinate the creation, dissemination, and implementation of a statewide substance abuse policy;
  • Facilitate planning for a balanced continuum of substance abuse prevention, treatment, and justice services;
  • Promote collaboration and mutually beneficial public and private partnerships;
  • Analyze and provide an objective assessment of all proposed legislation concerning alcohol and other drug issues;
  • Oversee the implementation and evaluation of Utah’s Drug Offender Reform Act (DORA);
  • Monitor the use of alcohol funds annually distributed to municipalities and counties for purposes of alcohol-related law enforcement, prevention, treatment, detection, prosecution, and control to ensure compliance with Utah statute (§32B-2-404 and 405);
  • Oversee Utah’s Underage Drinking Prevention Media Campaign, ParentsEmpowered.org; and
  • Report recommendations annually to the Governor, Legislature, Judicial Council, and CCJJ.

Utah Code, §63M-7-301 through 306

A list of the members of the Council may be found here. The Council has established seven committees to assist in accomplishing its duties as follows: DORA Oversight, Drug Endangered Children, DUI, Justice, Prevention, Public Health, and Treatment.

The Council meets on a quarterly basis; committees meet as determined by the chairs. All meetings are open to the public.

Beer Tax Funds Report

The Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement and Treatment Restricted Account provides millions of dollars in new beer tax funds annually to municipalities and counties to be utilized for alcohol-related prevention, treatment, law enforcement, prosecution and confinement programs. FY 2017 Annual Report

Utah's Drug Offender Reform Act

The Drug Offender Reform Act changes how Utah handles criminal offenders with drug-related problems. Offenders are screened and assessed for risk and needs, including substance abuse treatment, prior to sentencing, so judges have more information at sentencing. Learn more.


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