To fulfill our statutory duty to recommend statewide policies and provide an objective assessment of proposed legislation, the USAAV+ Council works with state, county, and city partners.

MEET THE council

Commissioner Jess Anderson

Utah Department of Public Safety


Judge James Blanch

Third District Drug Court


Nubia Peña, Director

Division of Multicultural Affairs


Brett Peterson, Director

Division of Juvenile Justice Services.


Dr. Mark Foote

Intermountain Healthcare

Physical Health Care Field Rep.


Mary Jo McMillen, Executive Director

Utah Support Advocates

for Recovery Awareness

Statewide Advocacy Organization Rep


Mayor Howard Madsen

Sunset City

 League of Cities and Towns Rep.


Ann Williamson

Executive Director

Utah Department of Human Services


Daniel Burton, Director

Communications/Government Records

Utah Attorney General’s Designee


Margaret Olson

Summit County Attorney

Statewide Association of Prosecutors


Chief Tom Ross

Bountiful Police Department

Local Law Enforcement Agencies Rep.


Rob Timmerman

Prevention Director, Partners

for Success Salt Lake Region

Salt Lake County Health Department


Doug Thomas, Director,

Division of Substance Abuse

and Mental Health


Tom Ross

Executive Director, CCJJ


Patrick Fleming, CHAIR

Citizen Representative


Judge Mary Manley

Seventh District Drug Court


Judge Vernice Trease

Third District Mental Health Court.


Mike Haddon

Executive Director

Utah Department of Corrections


Colonel Gary Harter

Executive Director

Department of Veterans

and Military Affairs


Deborah Kreeck Mendez

Trial Attorney

Salt Lake Legal Defender Association


Dennis Cecchini, Resident

Personally affected by a

Substance Use/Mental Health Disorder


Dr. Karen Buchi, Professor and Chief

General Pediatrics Division

University of Utah


Heather Borski, Director

Disease Control and Prevention

Department of Health’s Designee


Catherine Dupont

Deputy State Court Administrator

State Court Administrator’s Designee


Kimberly Myers, Administrator

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services

Division of Substance Abuse

and Mental Health



Director, Division of Indian Affairs

Prevention Professionals Rep.

Licensed Peer Support Specialist


Santiago Cortez

Clinical Consultants, LLC


Sigrid Nolte



Carlene Walker



Scott Reed, VICE CHAIR

Assistant Utah Attorney General


Brent Kelsey, Associate Director

Division of Substance Abuse

and Mental Health


Clarissa Stebbing, 

Substance Abuse Prevention

& Intervention Specialist

State Board of Education Designee


Dr. Michael Crookston

Representative of Treatment



Catherine Dupont

Deputy State Court Administrator

State Court Administrator’s Designee


Diane Moore, Director,

Utah Division of Child

and Family Services


Denise Porter

Board of Pardons

& Parole Designee


Christina Zidow, COO

Odyssey House of Utah

Youth Services Provider Rep.


Rob Wesemann

Executive Director

National Alliance for Mental Illness

Statewide Advocacy Organization Rep.