The Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice proudly collaborates with many key local, state, and federal partners. Because our work is inherently collaborative, we understand the need to build relationships with stakeholders to foster a stronger, more responsive, and more effective criminal justice ecosystem. Working in partnership allows us to have greater and more positive impact on the criminal justice system throughout the state while focusing our efforts on building consensus, understanding challenges, and prioritizing evidence-based practices in the system. It is through our collaborations that we are able to accomplish our mission. 


Collaboration that goes beyond criminal & juvenile justice

Advancing justice policies within our state requires us to think holistically about our collaborations and thus, we include a multitude of partners in areas internal and external to the criminal justice field. By fostering collaborations in the areas of health, employment, and housing we are able to better understand the needs and strengths of our criminal justice system as a whole. 

List of our Partners