Utah’s Sentencing Commission consists of twenty-eight statutorily delegated and appointed members representing all facets of the criminal justice system including judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, legislators, victim representatives, law enforcement, treatment specialists, ethnic minorities, corrections, parole authorities, juvenile justice representatives, citizen representatives, and others.

MEET THE commission

Tom Ross

Director, CCJJ


Carrie Cochran

Board of Pardons & Parole

Rep. Marsha Judkins

House of Representatives


Rep. Andrew Stoddard

House of Representatives


Sen. Stephanie Pitcher

State Senate


Sen. Daniel Thatcher

State Senate


Beatriz Herrera

Equity and Inclusion Representative


MayKela Cox

Citizen Representative


Brian Redd

Director, Department of Corrections


Brett Peterson

Director, Juvenile Justice Services


Dennis Martinez

Youth Parole Authority


Judge Ryan Tenney

Court of Appeals


Judge Camille Neider

District Court Judge


Judge Vernice Trease

District Court Judge

Judge Brody L. Keisel

Juvenile Court Judge


Judge Sharon Sipes

Juvenile Court Judge


Sheriff Michael Smith

Utah Sheriffs Association


Chief Craig Black

Utah Chiefs of Police Association

Richard Mauro


Salt Lake Legal Defenders


Craig Barlow

Assistant Attorney General

Utah Attorney General’s Office

Ryan Robinson


Statewide Association of Prosecutors


Rob Van Dyke

Juvenile Prosecutor

Statewide Association of Prosecutors


Skye Lazaro

Defense Attorney

Utah  State Bar


Pam Vickrey, chair

Juvenile Defense Attorney

Utah State Bar



Rebecca Brown

Adult Treatment


Christina Zidow, LCSW

Juvenile Treatment

Lillian Olvera-Arbon

Victim Representative


John Mejia

Civil Liberties Representative