The Commission has the statutory responsibility to advise the Legislature, the Governor, and the Judicial Council regarding sentencing and release policy for adults and juveniles who have committed crimes. The Commission is also responsible to develop sentencing guidelines for adults and juveniles who have been convicted or adjudicated.

The Utah Sentencing Commission:

  • Publishes Guidelines
  • Advises all three branches of government on sentencing policy
  • Conducts research
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on legislation
  • Tracks legislative changes to sentencing statutes
  • Tracks judicial decisions related to sentencing issues
  • Assists the legislature in the review and study of sentencing issues
  • Conducts training and education throughout the state
  • Responds to public comment and inquiries

The Commission promotes evidence-based sentencing policies that effectively address the three separate goals of criminal sentencing: Risk Management, Risk Reduction & Restitution.


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