About Norma Hernandez

Financial Manager

Norma Hernandez is the Financial Manager at CCJJ, she has been working in the department since December 2017. Her major duties are setting up and overseeing the budget for three divisions (CCJJ, IDC, and UOVC). Her responsibilities also include setting up all state or federal grants, funds, and programs. She is in charge of reporting on all financial required reports within the State Finance Department, and Federal Agencies. She trains staff on accounting duties, works with all program managers on fulfilling federal and state requirements. Is in charge of the departmental records and assuring retention schedules are met. 

Norma has an associates degree in accounting, a Bachelor degree in Business Management, and started a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, but changed to Finance and is in pursuit of completion. 

Prior to working at the State of Utah, Norma lived in Arizona and worked for the government for 21 years in the financial/budget/accounting fields. 

She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and cooking.