The Racial and Ethnic Disparities (RED) Advisory Committee is a branch of the Utah Board of Juvenile Justice (UBJJ) that was created to help address the fourth core protection of the federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). This requires states to assess and address racial and ethnic disparities at key points in the youth justice system. While the genesis to the creation of the RED Advisory Committee was a federal mandate, there is unified commitment across all juvenile justice stakeholders to tackle the overrepresentation of minority youth across systems. As such, local RED Working Groups have been established in Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber counties as they currently have the highest concentrated youth of color populations. Members are comprised of youth, juvenile justice practitioners, educators, and community-based leaders and advocates.


Recent RED Research

Disparities in the juvenile justice system are a function of more far-reaching societal disparities extending to the socio-ecological environment minority youth uniquely face. In this collaboration with the University of Utah's Economics Department we highlight the various evidence based frameworks that have shown to reduce disparities across the system.

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Past RED Initiatives

The state of Utah, CCJJ, UBJJ, and the RED Advisory Committee has invested funding to various initiatives with the goal of eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in the justice system. These initiatives include policies, evaluations, studies, and more.

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Community Resources

It is critical for RED initiatives to not only take place at the state and policy level but also in the local communities. These place-based interventions are imperative to initiate change where youths and families reside and are the most impacted. 

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MEET THE committee

Alyssha Dairsow

R.E.D. Advisory Coordinator

Betty Sawyer, chair

Rachel Edwards

Maria Garciaz

Judge Renee Jimenez

Jerry Oler

Coral Sanchez-Rose

Carol Cabanillas

Kwamane Harris

Nindy Le

Eric Tadehara

Christina Zidow

Pedro Rico

Danjuma Acala