Juvenile justice oversight committee

The Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee (JJOC) was created within CCJJ and is statutorily responsible for overseeing the implementation of the juvenile reform efforts and for gathering and analyzing data that measures the impact of the policy changes. Reform policies elevated the use of evidence-based programs and practices in Utah's juvenile justice system. Utahns benefit from this because research shows these approaches promote public safety, hold youths accountable while controlling costs. The JJOC ensures that policy objectives are being fulfilled with implementation fidelity, oversight, data monitoring, and ongoing research evaluation.


Related Statute

The JJOC strives to meet statutory requirements to successfully implement reform policies. Reform is an ongoing process and will encompass many other policies that is brought forth to the governor and legislature.

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Latest Annual Report

Monitoring performance metrics of core policy initiatives ensures that Utah is on track for meeting reform goals while providing an avenue for potential areas to further explore. In this latest annual report we give an update on how the system is performing 3-years after the passage of HB239.

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Data Sharing

Our efforts relies on close partnerships with all juvenile justice stakeholders who work with youths, families, and their respective communities. Further, in order to provide transparency to the justice system, information, data, and resource sharing is crucial.

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MEET THE committee

Kayley Richards

Juvenile Justice Specialist


Van Nguyen

Research Consultant


Judge James R. Michie, chair

Representative Lowry Snow

Kim Cordova

Ann Williamson

Neira Siaperas

Brett Peterson

Pam Vickrey

Carolyn Hansen

Brian Olmstead

Patricia Cassell

Sam Jarman

Clay Pearce

Patty Norman

Eric Tadehara

Anna Thomas

Christina Zidow

Nate Winters

James Toledo

Scott Taylor

Aaron Peterson

Heidi Nestel

Diane Moore

Chief Carl Merino

Nindy Le

Karlene Kidman